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Grandma Cloud: People have three music, they are happy, help others, and contentment. It��s rare to be free Marlboro Red, to have nothing to do, to have fun, to think about a big fuss, and to take a nap on the bed early in the morning, seemingly awake. The brain is dreamingly shimmering with some messy strange montage-like lens neurasthenia. "I laughed at myself. Let my own subconscious mind continue to be arrogant. In this dream-like dream, I would like to say something that I want to say and dare not say in real life, do something that I want to do and dare not do usa-cigarette.com, think about it and think about it again." I didn��t dare to think about recycling color TVs, refrigerators, cardboards.�� I screamed, vigorous and powerful, pulled me back to reality, I picked it up, put on my pajamas, went straight to the balcony, opened the window, and found half of my body. Immediately responded: "The hard board is a few times, he replied: "San Mao, I am back: "Okay Newport 100S, come on, 401." (Come on the previous sentence: smell its voice, no one, just because it is still at the corner turn. Haha It��s really fun to open the door, oh, the footsteps of the stairs are getting closer and closer. From the stairs, I��ve just revealed half of my head, and I��m a flash in my heart, it��s not him. (Darkly thankful: nervous weakness For many years, the memory has not completely subsided six years ago. Because the old house was rented, I found an old man who used the old goods to dispose of the waste. A lot of cardboard, old clothes, and bad fans were sold at 16 yuan. Waste that cannot be sold inside the house I also helped me to deal with the old man with joy and joy, and lived to put the spoils that belonged to him on the car. Perhaps it was too excited. When carrying the waste, the head accidentally touched the tail of the tricycle, "Ah!" I looked for the sound, the old man's right hand rubbed the forehead, the blood was drilled out of the finger sew, and a few drops fell to the ground. How can this be good, my heart pounds. (I am timid and can't see blood.) Good heart, see no one suffering, I only looked at the old man, sixty years old, thin, the body looks quite solid, but now because of the pain, closed eyes, pouting, keep squatting, one My face hurts and I have a compassionate attack. I took out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it over: "The opposite side of the road is Renji Hospital. Go to bandage it. The old man opens his eyes, picks up the money, thanked him, and hurries away. (This is also helpful.) Let's play, hey, can't play the role of heroes to save the United States. It's not a good chance to catch a coward to help the old man. I am complacent. I don't like Lei Feng, doing good things without leaving a name, not letting people know. I have a bad problem. Done I thought about the show, I wanted to hear the praise, I was afraid that people would not know it. (Of course, it��s been a long time with the Chen cursor. I finally waited until my wife came home from work. Hey, I fell the feat of the day��s coward. Come out, then listen to the lady's comment, saying, "You are a man who is honest, bad things will not do, good things are not done well, only give people a hundred dollars, dare to come out, how much money is going to the hospital now? , broke the head, registration fees, emergency fees, inspection fees, treatment fees, do not come to a CT, resonance or something, you do not give more money Cigarettes For Sale, only give a hundred, what is the use of it. It is really a shack, Actually, there is still more than my head. But it is not unreasonable to think about the lady��s comments. For a few days, I��m worried about the old man��s long days and long sentences. I��m writing a lot of words. The man is standing in front of me. Sure enough, is he just like this?" He glanced at the small cardboard on the corner of the wall and asked Daun in the wood. "I answered the old man and began to take care of those cardboards, I am quiet. Gazing quietly at the old man��s forehead Scars past six years, the old man did not look old, still sixties look, Manner full old man actually did not recognize me, inviting me vanity, decided to show off his head hurt again okay, right? "I yelled. (I haven't talked for six years, but I can still get up and look at me in a wrong way. Nothing I have to hand over a cigarette, smile and start to show off: "Don't know me?" That time, it��s a little brother, you.�� The original bronzed dull face, suddenly opened a rose flower, like drinking old wine, met an old friend, and the old man sat down On the smashed cardboard, I ignited the cigarette that I handed over, and started to yell with me. The old man was still a slogan. It was thanks to the enthusiasm of the old man that my peeping psychology got I must be satisfied. I learned from the old population that he hurried away and went straight to the hospital. The nurse took him to the emergency room. The doctor gave a piece of medical gauze to replace his dirty hand and then opened a CT examination. Single, let the old man pay the fee to pay. (Mrs. God is also a god.) The old man does not know a few words, the number is still recognized, and it is still three digits. So, the old man quietly sighed: I went to take Money. It��s slippery. Then I bought some single digits. Band-Aid, even if it is done under my enthusiasm, the amount of information obtained is getting bigger and bigger. The old man surnamed Han, Hunan, his wife died early, and there is a son. The original home was in good condition, the son went out to work, the old man worked at home. Zero life. But later his son was gambling, and his gambling was not good. He lost a lot of money for many years, and he was seriously injured because of gambling disputes. He was sentenced to nine years, and he still had civil compensation, and he was in debt. Under the help of the folks, I came out to do this more profitable business. I really sympathize with it: "Old man, you have suffered well, get used to it, you are good in this place, you can make money, you can earn seven or eight in the first few years. Wan, now the price is down, there are five or sixty thousand every year.�� No sadness, the satisfaction of the old man��s face In the past few years, the old man has paid off his debts, and he has accumulated a wealth that is not small for him. "You think it's good here, just find a wife, settle here and don't miss it, don't spend that money." A serious look saw me smirk, the old man knows the plan, then the mysterious and proud Said to me : "I have a companion, a woman, but also a business, temporary gang, AA system. Avant-garde, trendy, fashionable (like). I am amazed at the ability of the old man to keep up with the times and accept new things. He boasted that he really has the ability. The old man shook his head and shook his head. The old man approached me: "I am seventy-two years old Cheap Cigarettes, and I will work for two more years. When my son comes out and helps him to get a whole wife, he can go back to his hometown and enjoy the blessing." Hope and light. (My heart sighs: old man, contentment is always happy, I am not as good as you, nearly 30 minutes of "interview" is over, the old man straightened up, took out ten yuan banknotes: "You are an old customer, count four hair a pound I can't bear to be kind to him for ten dollars. I quickly laughed and went out. The old man handed me another business card: "There is business, take care of me. Good, good." I took it again and watched the back of the old man. Going downstairs to buy color TV, refrigerator, cardboard

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