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Today, many people in the city like to play games that are close to nature. They can go hiking in the countryside on weekends, travel through the mountains and rivers, admire the flowers and birds and fish; or go for a walk in the countryside during their leisure time Newport 100S, enjoy the natural scenery, taste the sunrise and sunset; or in front of the house, in the community, in the park... take off Shoes, barefoot, stepping on the grass, going to the world for generations to raise our land, re-experiencing the life of our ancient ancestors, the name of the United States is "to rest naturally, down to earth, and I can��t help but think of myself." The barefoot years I experienced, but it is not an experiential activity that I intend to do, but a real and unforgettable life. I still think of it still vividly, just like last night, this life is at the end of 70, longer than 80. That The people��s commune of the time has just disintegrated, and people who have been collectively bundled for more than 20 years can suddenly be completely singular. The excitement is so strong that the wild birds in the long-sleeved cages are flying back to nature. Of course, these were only heard when I grew up, or learned from books. At that time, I grew up in the rural areas of the backcountry, and the farthest went out to the county town. It is a relative who has only one year or even a few years. There is no relative in the county town. Generally, you can go to the township to catch a few markets in one year. When you return to the village, it is enough to show off the capital. Every time you are a small partner. When you talk about it, you can dance and be proud. At that time, there was no TV in the village, no broadcast, and no media with a modern touch. All the information comes from the most primitive and direct word of mouth and those The so-called "daily newspaper" that can only be seen once a week has been dissolved since the beginning of the day. Everyone is busy with the work, and the living materials are much richer than the collective years. But that's just enough to fill the stomach Cheap Cigarettes, or close to filling the stomach. The clothes are too late to be updated Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and in fact there is basically no ability to update. As for the shoes, it is even more important. If you can buy a pair of new shoes a year, it is already quite extravagant. More often, everyone is used to barefoot. For this reason, everyone in the village at that time practiced a barefoot effort. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, everyone can barefoot, walk in the front of the village, walk between the heavens and the earth, and swagger. That feeling is no different from the human ancestors thousands of years ago. It seems that human beings, through the earth, realize the dialogue between the grandparents and grandchildren who have passed through the millennium. They are more capable of running barefoot and muddy paths in the country. It��s awkward, painful, broken, and completely ignorant. At that time, I also practiced this kind of effort. I used to be proud of it. From time to time, I will show the little friends around me and let them envy Newport Cigarettes. But in the view of the higher-level barefoot Warriors, it is simply a pediatrics. I remember that there were two such high-ranking people around me. One was the 40-year-old elder and the other was I am getting along with my little friends who are a little smaller than myself. Let me first talk about the elder Wholesale Cigarettes, when he was in the mountains all the year round, he always brought back the mountain supplies he wanted from the mountains. It stands to reason that, like his profession, he should wear shoes and feet. But at that time, we could meet with him almost

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