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ngland has tested their vocabulary as they keep searching for new ways to describe the humiliation."We just got crushed Miami Dolphins Jerseys 2019 ," coach Adam Gase said Wednesday.He was talking about his offensive line, but the depiction also fits the defensive line. The Dolphins were dominated in the trenches in a 38-7 defeat, and to have a chance Sunday as one-touchdown underdogs at Cincinnati, they'll need significant improvement up front.It won't come easily, with manpower in both lines depleted. Center Daniel Kilgore suffered a season-ending triceps injury against the Patriots, and inconsistent defensive tackle Jordan Phillips was released after another poor game punctuated by a sideline outburst."We're looking to play better on both sides," Gase said. "Having a week to get ready for the game, that'll be helpful for us. When you start throwing guys in and they haven't really gotten a ton of reps with the first group, especially at center, that's a tough spot to put a guy in. It'll be good to get a full week's worth of practice with him and the quarterback and the rest of the guys."Veteran Travis Swanson will replace Kilgore. The Dolphins earlier lost guard Josh Sitton with a season-ending shoulder injury, and an offensive line once considered among the team's strengths is now a big question mark.The Dolphins totaled only 172 yards at New England, and despite a 3-1 record , they rank third-worst in the NFL in yards per game at 286. That's compared with 308 per game in 2017, when they went 6-10.Quarterback Ryan Tannehill Michael Deiter Jersey Cheap , who has endured plenty of hits thanks to shaky pass blocking, tried to sound cheery about the situation Wednesday. He said he feels fine physically and remains confident about the team's blocking.But he acknowledged that with substitutes in the line, the play-calling changes."It's tough to come in off the bench and not miss a beat," Tannehill said. "As the quarterback, I've got to make sure we're in the right play and can get the ball out quickly and into our playmakers' hands. It's tough to ask those guys to protect for long periods of time on each play."The defensive line is also trying to integrate new personnel. Top run-stopper William Hayes suffered a season-ending torn ACL in Week 3, and the departure of Phillips further depleted depth.Phillips' former teammates had little to say about his unexpected release."It had nothing to do with me or none of the d-linemen," tackle Davon Godchaux said. "It's just what they thought was best for the team. I don't get paid the big bucks to make those decisions. Maybe someday."The defense was gashed for 175 yards rushing by the Patriots. It was a performance reminiscent of last year, when Miami allowed 127 yards per game rushing over the final 10 games 鈥?and won only twice.The goal now is to avoid a similar collapse."We're trying to correct everything from last week," defensive end Charles Harris said. "Ain't nobody who's got their heads down." Leonard Williams knows exactly what the stat sheet shows from the New York Jets' last game, and he realizes how it looks to some fans and media.The big defensive end played 65 of 77 snaps in the 21-17 loss at Cleveland — and didn't register a single statistic.No tackles, no sacks, no quarterback hits. Not even a pass defensed. But there was plenty of criticism of arguably the Jets' best all-around defensive player."I just simply didn't get much action," Williams said Friday. "That's pretty much it. In the run game, I was in my gap. It wasn't like I was getting blown off the ball and was just playing bad. I'm setting the gap and I'm in my B-gap Michael Deiter Jersey Womens , and the ball goes the opposite way. In pass-rushing situations, I'm getting double-teamed or the ball comes out quick. It just happens like that sometimes. You're not always going to get all the action in every game."I definitely wasn't worried about the stat sheet."That said, he understands why some are.Williams is in his fourth NFL season after being the Jets' first-round pick — No. 6 overall — in 2015. He has 12 career sacks, but only two in his last 22 games and none in his last seven. That has raised eyebrows, with some wondering when — or, if — Williams will have the big-time breakout so many anticipated by now."That's the reason why fans go to games, they want to see the big plays, they want to see the sacks, the touchdowns, the hoorah moments," Williams said. "If you're looking at a guy you're expecting to make those type of moments, and it's not happening, it's natural for a fan feel that way."New York has eight sacks this season, tying for 10th in the NFL Michael Deiter white jersey , but Williams doesn't have any. Well, he actually did have a half-sack when he and Avery Williamson took down Miami's Ryan Tannehill in Week 3, but it was nullified by a penalty."That's kind of disappointing, but at the same time, it's driving me to get that first one even more," Williams said. "I know they come in bunches, so once I start getting them, they're going to keep coming, so I'm definitely hungry to get after it."Opposing offenses have clearly singled him out in their game plans, intent on not letting him be the guy to punish their quarterbacks."Yeah, it started last year, too, so I try to work on beating double-teams," Williams said. "I'm not making an excuse about it and I try not to say Michael Deiter Miami Dolphins Jerseys , 'Oh, because I'm getting double-teamed, that's why I'm not this and this and this.' Instead, I'm trying to figure out how to beat a double-team."That's a work in progress, and he's certainly getting plenty of practice in games.Also, the statistics might not show the entire story.In the Jets' defensive line room, the players have a fines system in which they get dinged for what Williams calls "stupid, silly stuff." They can have the amount they owe knocked down a bit for examples of what they classify as "hidden production.""If I'm running with the outside backer and I pick the guy really good for him and he comes free and makes the sack," Williams explained, "that's a 'hidden-production' type of thing."While the Jets don't keep actual stats on "hidden production," it helps explain why coach Todd Bowles gave Williams a positive grade for his game against Cleveland."I thought they tried to double him a lot and he got to the quarterback when the ball was out," the coach said. "He took the pressure off the other guys. They sent two or three guys at him almost every other play, but Leonard caused a lot of other people to make plays and that doesn't show up on the stat sheet. I'm happy with what he did."Make no mistake: Williams would like to have some tackles and sacks next to his name. For now, Williams isn't putting extra pressure on himself or getting frustrated. He's focused on making sure he's doing his job at all times so that the film proves it when the team gathers."I'm not going to say that stats don't matter completely Miami Dolphins Jerseys Stitched ," he said. "I'm just saying that if there's a game where I didn't get as much stats as I wanted to, it depends on how I looked on film. If I didn't get stats, but I looked good on film — I was in my right spot, I was doing what I was supposed to do, I didn't have any mental errors and I'm helping the other guys get freed up — then that's a good game to me."But, if I didn't have any stats and I'm playing bad, then that's a different story, and I'm going to be really hard on myself. At the same time, we're all players and production matters in any type of job. I clearly want the stats, but if I'm watching film and it just didn't work out that way, I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I did I was supposed to do."

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